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Cold Weather Generator Reset

Sometimes in extreme cold, you might notice the red light on your Generac Generator – DON’T PANIC! Winter temperatures can cause your battery to freeze up. Instead of calling in one of our technicians, you have the opportunity to resolve the situation yourself. Just follow these steps and/or watch our YouTube video below to see just what to do.



Locate the key to your generator (see above for an example of what key looks like)


Unlock both locks on either side of the generator, you will need to push down (relieving pressure) on the lid to get locks to turn


Control pad will have a message as to why the generator is on a red light (RPM Sense Loss, etc)


Press the black switch above message screen to OFF


Press ESCAPE, then ENTER, this will change screen to read SWITCHED TO OFF


Press the black switch to MANUAL and generator motor should start up


Press black switch back to AUTO 


If all has gone well, your generator has been reset – the green light will be on and the message reads READY TO RUN



For a video reference to these steps, SEE THIS

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